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Monika Redding (SWEDEN BDS)

Monika is a Swedish dentist with Polish roots. She qualified at Karolinska University in Stockholm, and after a few years working for the Swedish NHS, she took the opportunity to expand her horizons, coming to England in 1996 with a group of friends to practise British dentistry. The plan was to stay for two or three years … but she met her future husband, and is still here with the added bonus of two boisterous sons aged 15 and 13.

As a general dental practitioner Monika pursues an interest in most aspects of everyday dentistry. She takes a holistic (complete) and preventative approach to oral problems, and considers herself a family dentist: she enjoys treating both adults and children in a relaxed atmosphere where she tries to strike a balance between your treatment needs and your wishes.

Monika prefers to see dental care in terms of solutions rather than problems, so if you have a question, just ask her. She can offer help, provide information and advice whether you come to see her with toothache, abscess, bleeding gums, jaw ache, smile concerns, or dentures etc. If your concern is outside of her area of expertise both our dentists can draw on the resources of excellent colleagues in specialist practices. Monika is enthusiastic about continuing education and always make an effort to keep up with the latest advances in dentistry  developing  and challenging existing skills (and it’s also a good excuse to get some new gadgets).

When not looking after your teeth, Monika’s passions are reading and travelling. She also plays badminton for a local village club, and enjoy tennis and good skiing. She  also enjoys furthering her knowledge of the English culture, which means getting to know all about Shakespeare, cricket, rugby, golf, etc.

GDC No. 71510