In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak and associated regulations and restrictions, as of 25/3/2020 the surgery is now closed until further notice. All appointments are cancelled until further notice but hopefully we will reopen end of June/early July. WE ARE FOLLOWING APPROPRIATE GUIDELINES TO SAFEGUARD YOUR (the patients’) HEALTH.

Clicking on following link will take you to the government’s advice pages on Coronavirus:

Re emergencies, if you experience large facial swelling and pain and have been a registered patient of ours and have attended the practice within the last 2 years, please only call between 9am and 11am on the following number 07777 675192 for advice. You might need antibiotics, which will be safely dispensed outside the surgery. The call out fee is £130 and will be cash only in an envelope – we will send a receipt later. The dentist will not be able to do anything else so please refer to the numbers below. 

Please refer to the following advice about the the use of antibiotics and toothache:

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any emergency services face to face for any time of the day or night including weekends but can refer you for an emergency visit at dedicated hubs in a protective environment. If you cannot wait, call Worthing Emergency Dental Services (EDS) 01903 230364 for further information (if in uncontrolled pain/facial swelling), or St.Faith’s Clinic, East Grinstead on 01342 410160 only if in acute pain and require an extraction.

Please call or refer to our website on a monthly basis for updates on any further developments

During our closure, we are still able to sell existing patients COLGATE DURAPHAT 2800 & 5000 TOOTHPASTE to help with the prevention of caries – please call  07777 675192 and we can arrange a mutually convenient time to safely dispense this to you at the surgery with proper social distancing measures in place. Whilst we are still closed, please ensure that you continue or start using interdental devices, such as Tepe brushed, floss or tape or similar with more regularity, preferably every day as you are not able to see the hygienist. As an adjunct it it advisable to use mouthwash daily after lunch or snacks but not in conjunction with toothbrushing. For gum advice please click on the following link:

For further information and advice on preventing tooth decay, please click on the following link:

Paul Fritche Physiotherapy is also closed until further notice, please refer to his website for further information.

Keep safe and healthy, best wishes from the Green Arbor Team