About Us

Green Arbor Dental is a friendly, private practice, established in 1946. Since then, there have been three generations of Mace dentists practising in these premises here in the heart of West Sussex until when in January 2016, Monika Redding took the practice over and Daniel continued to work as an associate. With the arrival of his children, Daniel has taken to being a hands-on dad and chose to leave the practice in June 2017 to spend more time with them. From June 2017, Monika took on all of Daniel’s patients.

Practice Ethos

  • Monika (Practice Principal Dentist), and her team are committed to offering patients the highest possible level of dental care in a friendly, relaxed and calming environment.
  • The team is dedicated to helping our patients achieve their optimum in oral health, placing a high emphasis on the benefits of preventative dentistry and oral health education emphasising a holistic approach as there is a connection between the oral cavity (mouth) and the rest of the body. Through building close relationships with our patients, we provide the best possible care and treatment from regular examinations through to cosmetic or specialist treatment on referrals.
  • In the centre of our approach is the aging population with their complex medical and dental needs. We strive to promote for senior citizens long term oral health stability through even more regular maintenance and prevention at the same time as raising geriatric awareness amongst patients themselves and their relatives, carers and guardians.
  • The health and safety of our patients is our utmost priority and over the past few years considerable financial investment has been made in the practice to ensure that the practice meets Care Quality Commission (CQC) Fundamental Standards, General Dental Council (GDC) Standards for the Dental Team and other available guidance, aiming towards the BEST PRACTICE. Through maintaining strict cross-infection controls using a wide variety of single-use disposable materials we are confident that our patients and clinical team are suitably protected.
  • All members of our team are committed to keeping themselves safe, knowledgeable, skilful and confident in their tasks. Also, we pledge to conduct ourselves in a professional, clean manner, be supportive, informative and friendly to all our customers and each other

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) who may contact you and ask you about your experience with the practice.


Current Statement of Purpose: Practice Vision & Goals

Updated November 2022 due to changes in Practice Circumstances


  • To consistently provide dental care of high and ethical standards throughout the practice, promoting good oral health to all patients, via a holistic approach, making patients aware of systemic links (between the condition of the mouth and the rest of the body, eg: the very strong connection between Diabetes/Heart problems and gum disease. Our practice principal is a full member of the British Society of Gerodontology, subscribing to their journal and resources, attending conferences which all further promote the needs of an aging population for dental care.
  • Promote prevention of oral disease and awareness of oral health status in local population, especially elderly clientele (geriatric dentistry – patients often benefit from stronger toothpaste, mouthwash, dry mouth remedies, ulcer care, thicker handled but softer toothbrushes etc. Our senior citizens are warmly welcome to the practice as we have easy access at the front of the building with long shallow steps and handrails, and provide wheelchair access at the rear (unfortunately, we cannot provide the adapted toilet due to structural issues with the building).
  • To dedicate our health promotional efforts by raising awareness of the complexity of geriatric dental care by supplying tailor made leaflets such as “Dental Care for Older People” from Oral Health Foundation, & Colgate. We would like to participate in a Storrington festival and secure a promotional stand with leaflets focussing on senior citizens. Extending our care by doing domiciliary visits in nearby care and private homes and discussing issues with both the families and carers. (Personal home visits were suspended due to Covid and additional safety requirements such as carrying emergency equipment (incl. O2 after Risk Assessment and if necessary) to people’s homes made it extremely impractical but we might resume activity in the future when appropriate, safe and practical (up to our prior RA to judge the individual circumstances).
  • Understand and meet the individual clinical needs of our patients, promote open discussion and informed decision making in the consent to treatment; where appropriate, involve patients in other decision making by actively encouraging patient feedback on service care and management.
  • Ensure that all staff members are committed and participate in professional personal development, gain CPD, and that they have the correct skills, training and dedication to carry out duties. Promote ambition, enterprise and continuous improvement. Create a culture of good, open, honest communication with both the staff and patients.
  • To provide the highest possible standards of cross infection control working towards best practice in HTM01-05 and other similar guidance, regularly updating all our policies and approach.
  • Ensure proper procedures are in place at all times for the health and safety of both patients and staff, as well as other necessary tailor-made policies or protocols.
  • To follow professional, expert and regulatory guidance (and other necessary advice) for CQC, GDC and other appropriate bodies.
  • Involve other professionals in the care of patients if this is in their best interests and execute referrals in a timely manner.
  • Participate in local initiatives to promote the benefits of good oral health and general health as well (taking the mutual link into consideration).
  • Develop and implement the “Practice Ethos” on a daily basis.
  • Work as a DEDICATED TEAM where everybody understands his/her role in managing the practice, supports each other, knows both the rights and responsibilities. Involve staff and patients in decision making in order to improve and address weaknesses (to minimise risks and prevent incidents from happening but also learning if any errors).
  • Have a No Blame, No Shame approach as we all make mistakes. However, as we want to learn from any mistakes and avoid them in the future, we therefore work together as a team within the framework of our Quality Assurance, which enables us to monitor and evaluate our services regularly ensuring our care is provided in a safe environment and meets the needs of all our patients (includes policies and protocols, audits, mutual supervision, PM’s, memos, in-house training and other CPD, patient guidance via feedback/surveys etc).
  • Set goals (long and short term) to achieve targets (in regards to dental health of the local population–attendance, health and safety of the premises, staff performance and the practice performance in general). Monitor these ambitions and review them at regular practice meetings.
  • Improve practice finances in order to invest more in equipment and technology, appearance of the premises (see Improvement Folder) and in innovative processes as well as staff well-being, and social aspects of team management (incentives and fun). This proved challenging during the Covid pandemic but hopefully, we can bounce back.


Apart from Regulated Activities (treatment of disease, disorder or injury, surgical procedures, diagnostic and screening procedures prevention), which are also part of General Dentistry, we provide:

  • Smile improvements via more complex restorative and cosmetic procedures
  • Special interest in age related dental issues
  • Tooth whitening
  • Dentures, bridges and crowns
  • Gum treatment and dental hygiene services
  • Jaw problems diagnostic

We offer:

  • New patient Consultations and second opinion consultations
  • Wheelchair access at rear of property (but no toilet for people in wheelchairs)
  • A warm welcome to senior citizens