Due to Covid-19, the usual evening and weekend emergency rota has been suspended for the foreseeable future and patients are advised to take strong painkillers if in pain (according to what is safe for the individual to take). If you are in extreme pain and you cannot wait to be seen by us please call the Emergency Dental Service in Worthing on 01903 230364 or call NHS 111.

If you are experiencing minor discomfort, please use a mouthwash for approx. 7-14 days and take strong painkillers in the first instance, and if after then, there is no improvement please call to make an appointment. If you have a mouth ulcer or are concerned about a persistent lump which doesn’t go within 14 days, please call us to make an appointment. 

Should we find ourselves in a lockdown situation again where we have to close, COLGATE DURAPHAT 2800 & 5000 TOOTHPASTE can help with the prevention of caries – we can sell this to existing patients by arranging a mutually convenient time to safely dispense this to you at the surgery with proper social distancing measures in place. Ensure that you continue or start using interdental devices, such as Tepe brushes, floss or tape or similar with more regularity, preferably every day as you are not able to see the hygienist. As an adjunct it it advisable to use mouthwash daily after lunch or snacks but not in conjunction with tooth brushing. For gum advice please click on the following link:

Please refer to the following advice about the the use of antibiotics and toothache:

For further information and advice on preventing tooth decay, please click on the following link:

For further information on prevention and self care for 0-16 year olds, please click on the following links:

0-3 year olds: 

3-6 year olds: 

7+ year olds:            https://


Keep safe and healthy, best wishes from the Green Arbor Team