Dental Hygiene Service

Our Hygienist, Jo is a registered dental professional who is a trained dental therapist and hygienist and advocates preventive dentistry bringing a wealth of experience to the practice.

By visiting our hygienist regularly you are already on the path to ensuring that your teeth are healthy and your dental hygiene is in good shape. Our hygienists can help you decrease the chances of decay and help you maintain healthy gums through regular cleaning and will offer you advice on brushing, ensuring effective cleaning of all surfaces and will show you flossing techniques to help with plaque removal. They will also be able to give you advice on how to deal with problem areas helping you to maintain good oral health at home.

Our hygienists are up to date with all the new dental care products which you can buy to use at home, and they can advise which products are the most appropriate for your needs. Our receptionist can organise dental hygiene visits to coordinate with your regular dentist visits so that you find it more convenient.

Regular visits to the dental hygienists form an integral part of your dental care, keeping your teeth healthy and can prevent more serious problems occurring later on.