Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as you will no doubt be aware, demand and prices for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and for many infection control products have soared sky high. In order for Green Arbor to adhere to enhanced COVID-19 Infection Control Guidelines, which will allow us to see and treat patients safely in the safest possible environment, we will unfortunately have to temporarily increase the price of our treatments to at least partially cover some of these costs until prices fall to a sensible level. The additional “Covid” charge, will range from £8-£15 per appointment depending on the nature and complexity of the treatment.

So, for example, an additional £8 will be added to the cost of a check up, hygiene visit, simple review or consultation appointment and an additional £15 will be added to more complex treatments.

The increased costs will cover:

  • Purchase of additional infection control products, e.g: stronger disinfecting fluids, hand gels etc.
  • Spending additional time for cleaning the surgeries and public areas between patients
  • Purchase of additional Personal Protective Equipment – for patients (will be required to wear face masks and shoe covers in the waiting room to limit viral load) and staff alike as required by our authorities. Please click on link to see explanation of PPE and a visual guide to safe PPE.
  • Extended appointment times to include time for strict cleaning regimes between patients and increased paperwork due to patient risk assessments
  • Fewer patients per day due to maintaining social distancing measures and extended appointment times
  • Less advanced/complex treatment as we can’t, for the time being, carry out any Aerosol Producing Procedures (AGP’s). AGP’s are those procedures that produce sprays ie when using fast handpieces, ultra sonic scalers etc. Fillings, crown fits, smoothing/repairing teeth, crown prep and root canal treatments are examples of AGP’s.

BUT ….. we can still help our patients! We can place temporary fillings but without drilling or with minimal action of a slow hand piece. We can still perform exams and carry out gum treatment, perform non surgical extractions, and provide dentures. Our hygienist will be carrying out hygiene and gum treatments and providing preventative advice – all of which will be carried out in the safest possible environment.