We Are Open For Business As Usual!

We are pleased to announce that we are open for face to face appointments

This comes as a welcomed step into moving our profession towards a ‘new normal’. Following the recent government announcement that England is now subject to new restrictions to help control the spread of Coronavirus again, Green Arbor will stay open and continue to see and treat patients throughtout this lockdown as the government has said that people can still attend medical and dental appointments.

As always, the team at Green Arbor are committed to providing a high standard of service in a safe environment and have always strived to surpass existing regulations and offer a safe environment for our patients and ourselves.

This will not change and we have already made significant investments to to keep you safe and we continue to operate with protective measures in place with strict social distancing measures within the practice and PPE (protective personal equipment) for our staff. We have invested in air exchange units which change the air within the surgeries at least 10 times per hour to ensure that we continue to be as safe as possible.

All of our patients are extremely important to us and over the past few months we have contacted a vast majority who missed appointments during lockdown. We will either have seen them already or have booked them in for an appointment. However, there will be some patients that we haven’t been able to get hold of, so if you are one of those patients, please do call us for an appointment – we have been extremely busy and you are important to us. As we continue to have restrictions in place, we still have fewer appointments available than pre-Covid, but we are doing all that we can to accommodate more patients. Consequently, we are having to prioritise patients depending on their need and we would like to thank you for your continued patience. 

If you already have an appointment booked with us, this still stands and we will be in contact to remind you. All our patients are warmly welcomed back.

We understand many of you will be keen to go ahead and restart your treatment and we appreciate your patience during this time. We need to consider each patient and the treatment to be carried out very carefully to ensure your safety and the safety of our staff, following strict infection control rules to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Thank you for your continuing support and patience and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


What to expect when you come in for your appointment: The New Normal

  • Please DO NOT attend the practice UNANNOUNCED as we have limited capacity in order to observe social distancing measures. We will only see patients who have a pre-booked, confirmed appointment.
  • Patients are advised to use toilet facilities before leaving home as we want to restrict the areas where patients go in the building for your own safety (minimising contact).
  • Please do not bring anything unnecessary with you to your appointment i.e. shopping bags, extra clothes etc as you will be asked to leave these outside the clinical rooms to minimise the risk of cross infection.  
  • Please wear a MASK or other suitable face covering to your appointment if you have one otherwise, we will provide one. 
  • If you arrive too early for your appointment you will have to wait outside the building or in your car as a maximum of 3 people only are allowed in the waiting room.
  • As we are working in new conditions and under new challenging circumstances it is more likely that we will be delayed so please accept our apologies in advance and plan your appointment so that you are not pressurised or have no commitments directly after your dental appointment. 
  • Please attend your appointment alone unless absolutely necessary e.g. you are coming as a parent/guardian of a child being seen or you are a carer and need to assist with the patient. If you have to bring somebody else, please let us know in advance (max 3 people in waiting room at any one time).  
  • On entering the building, you will be asked to use hand sanitisers available in the hallway, at reception and in the waiting room.  
  • We will take your temperature on arrival with an infra-red thermometer so there will be no physical contact and you will be asked a series of screening questions.
  • We ask that you observe the 2m social distance rule.
  • Please note that we will ONLY accept card payments


Keeping You Safe


Our Promise to you to keep you safe

What you (the patient) will have to do and promise

We promise to manage the risks we are facing but you have to help us achieve this! You, as the patient, have obligations and responsibilities as well.
1) We will carry out a triage over the phone asking you questions covering coronavirus, your medical history, the problem you are currently experiencing with your tooth to identify whether we can do something to help you and whether you need an appointment


You will need to be able to tell us what medication you are taking and spell the names out to ensure reception staff have it correctly – please don’t get cross with them. Be ready with as many details as possible to help us PREPARE for your visit. The more information we have upfront will lessen the time you will need to be on the premises.

DO NOT ATTEND IF YOU HAVE CORONAVIRUS SYMPTOMS – isolate at home and follow national guidelines

2) Clinics will be primarily dedicated to priority patients in pain as well as very vulnerable. More emphasis on prevention. We are stressing the importance of continuous oral health. We will have more stocks of extra strong toothpaste, Colgate Duraphat 2800 & 5000 as well as Chlorhexadine mouthwashes Please accept that you won’t always be able to choose your appointment – day or time. Please see our website for information on oral health maintenance. Improve your daily oral health routine for oral health maintenance (if you used Tepe’s 2 xs per week, now use 4 x per week, preferably every day. Use mouthwashes etc.
3) Hygienist – increased hours with additional time on some Wednesdays 1-2x per month

The appointments will be longer both for dentists and hygienists. We will stagger appointments as they have to be spaced. We will allow a MAXIMUM OF 3 patients in the waiting room at any one time.

See the hygienist more frequently as they can also diagnose your problems. See the dentist for hygiene treatment if you can’t get a time with the hygienist. You promise to understand and accept new and different ways so that we can keep you safe.

If you arrive too early for your appointment, please wait outside in your car if possible.

4) Infection control – if you have a face mask, we would ask that you wear it to the surgery and keep wearing it until you are asked to remove it. We will ask you to use hand sanitser/gel on your arrival and you may be asked to rinse your mouth once in the surgery when required. We ask that you bring your own tooth brush with you for hygiene and gum treatment. Use hand sanitiser/hand gel provided by us on entering the premises, Maintain social distancing, Don’t touch anybody or anything unless absolutely necessary.
5) We will wear designated PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for your safety and for ours. Depending on the nature of the appointment the level of PPE required may differ. Please don’t be afraid! We may look strange but remember it is still your usual friendly Green Arbor staff underneath! Please be considerate as it will take extra time to put the PPE on also to clean down between patients.
6) We will limit the number of visitors and minimise contact with others Please DO NOT bring your relatives, friends or carers into the surgery unless absolutely necessary – if you need to bring somebody in, please speak to us over the phone first to discuss
7) We will need to clean more frequently in all public areas and in the surgeries We need to limit the amount of possessions that come into the surgery – please do not bring books, heavy clothing, shopping etc as this will increase the risk of infection and we need to clean down and wipe more frequently.
8) NO CASH – unless absolutely necessary we do not want to take cash or cheque payment – our preferred method is card payment to keep infection loads and contact with reception staff down to an absolute minimum. We will have screens up at reception to protect you and our staff Please understand that cash and cheque payments are considered to be a high risk for spreading infection – card payment is preferable.
9) Staff training – our staff have been trained and prepared to enhance their skills to manage our patients during the Coronavirus pandemic through online training sessions and lectures Trust us, we can manage but we need your cooperation!
10) We will have risk assessments in place for the building, the staff and the public and will continue to observe a 2m social distance between patients and staff whenever possible. Please be mindful of displays and notices in the surgery and keep your distance.
11) Costs are now much higher due to the worldwide increase in demand of items such as cleaning products and PPE and due to the way that we now have to manage and run the business.   For this, we can only apologise. Please do accept that hopefully this is only a temporary situation and that we have had to add a Covid-19 charge to your invoice to allow us to restart and function in a safer way.
12) We have raised our level of Covid-19 awareness, our infection control skills to treat you safely and safeguard you as much as we can. We have embraced the “new reality” but do hope that there will be a vaccination and /or other treatment for Covid-19 available soon. We have introduced time changes to mitigate the risks – they will not disappear but can be limited. We are truly happy about the re-opening and to be back – to serve and care for our clientele.


Please, as one of our patients:

  • Comply, stay safe – protect yourself and others when in your own home and when outside
  • Be confident
  • Trust us
  • Be patient
  • Help us to do our job properly
  • Stay positive
  • When asked questions over the phone – BE HONEST about your condition if symptomatic.




Our priority at Green Arbor is to ensure the health and safety of all of our patients and staff members, and we want to be able to continue to provide our services as normally as possible. We have documented and robust procedures in place to ensure a clean and sterile environment.

Since the Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) has been declared a Pandemic, we are following Government guidelines and we have introduced an additional level to our hygiene protocols.

We have also considered some specific scenarios below.


1. Have you a confirmed diagnosis of Coronavirus ?

Please visit


2. Are you showing symptoms of Coronavirus ?

The symptoms are:

  • a high temperature (37.8 degrees and above)
  • a new, continuous cough

Please visit


3. Have you returned from abroad in the last 14 days ?

Please visit


4. Have you been in contact with someone with confirmed Coronavirus ?

Please visit


Thank you for your understanding and assistance in helping us reduce risk.

The Implant Centre Team


The Coronavirus has an incubation period of 2-14 days, and the Government and the NHS are constantly updating the information as the situation progresses.

To keep up-to-date on the UK situation, please visit



For General information, please visit