Dental Implants



Although we do not do dental implants here at Green Arbor, we often refer patients externally.

Dental implants allow missing teeth to be replaced in a variety of ways. This modern therapeutic option has revolutionised the way we can replace missing teeth, providing patients with more stable and aesthetic treatments, allowing patients to be more comfortable and confident with their smiles.







The dental implant is a small titanium screw, which is inserted into your jawbone. Titanium is a metal accepted by the body and heals together with the bone tissue to form a new, stable tooth root. This is placed into the bone with a small surgical procedure, and normally allowed to heal for around 12 weeks.




The implant is then uncovered, and an impression is taken to produce the restoration on top. An abutment is a ceramic or titanium component that ensures a secure fit between the dental implant and the crown.
Once the dental implant and the abutment are in place, your dental professional fits the crown, the bridge or the prosthesis.





Implants can be used to replace single missing teeth, many missing teeth, up to a full set of teeth in each jaw, or to help keep dentures stable.