Our dentures are made using the most up to date materials and methods to ensure they are hard wearing, and look just like your natural teeth. We have a clinical dental technician, Garry who will take all the impressions, try-in and adjust the dentures to your specifications and make the dentures himself, ensuring you get a set of dentures that are comfortable and which look just like real teeth, not like a set of false teeth.





Our partial dentures are normally made with an invisible metal framework, which is healthier for the remaining teeth, and is more stable, allowing you to feel more confident wearing your denture. Any clasps used to hold the denture firmly in place can be tooth coloured to mask them, or for totally invisible clasps, the partial denture can be made in conjunction with specially designed Crowns on the neighbouring teeth.




Dentures can also be constructed with Dental Implants  to help keep them stable, if your mouth is not ideal for denture wear. This makes the dentures more comfortable as well as more secure in the mouth.