Private Fees for Dental Care

Routine Examination £56
Routine Examination for Children £30 exam incl. varnish  –  treatment & x-rays chargeable:(X-rays: usually required 2 bite wings (side x-rays) )
New Patient Consultation (60 mins) £140 incl. all X-Rays, diagnosis, trt plan discussion
New Patient Consultation for patients with full dentures £100
X-ray £10
Hygienist Visit   £66
Gum treatment with Dentist if having routine exam at same time from £45 -£87 (depending on number of teeth)

Average cost £63

Periodontal Disease Treatment with Dentist – (more advanced gum disease) from £135 (40 min appointment)
White fillings from £85 – £175
Root canal fillings from £365 – £550 (molar)
Gold crowns from £750 (as all lab work depends on materials and lab prices)
White crowns from £570 -£750 (as all lab work depends on materials and lab prices)
Bridges (per unit) from £500.00 (as all lab work depends on materials and lab prices)
Crown on implant from £965.00
Full dentures from £850 – £1000 each (depending on complexity)
Full dentures – if upper and lower done at same time from £1600
Chrome (metal) dentures from £1300 = 1- 3 teeth,  £1500 = 4-9 teeth, £1600 = 10+
Acrylic Denture from £680 1-3 teeth, £750 -£850 for 4+ teeth
Simple extractions (loose tooth) from £85
Complex extractions from £135 -£185 (if surgical)
Tooth whitening from Single Jaw £290.00/Both Jaws £400.00

Gel £18 per syringe

Dental implants from On referral by us externally
Referral Fee (for anything)   £15
Antibiotics   £13
C-FAST Ortho Consultation with X-Rays £130 (1st consultation – 40 minute appt)
Simple emergency consultation £80  Further treatment at additional cost if required
Simple emergency consultation for non-registered patients £150 (Advice, x-rays, Antibiotics. 30min appt)

Further treatment at additional cost if required

Domiciliary Visits (by prior arrangement and not before 2023) £500 (includes simple treatment)

Our prices reflect commitment to the high standard of materials that we use; reliable equipment and its regular servicing; and experienced and respected laboratories that we use. Costs of treatment can vary according to the complexity of the procedure. Costs for any treatment not mentioned above will be discussed by your dentist before commencement.

Prices correct as at 1st January 2022