New Patients

New patients are always welcome here at Green Arbor Dental Practice.

Registration is very simple, and may be done by calling the practice on 01903 742693. Patients who have not been seen at the surgery before are asked to attend beforehand and complete a Patient Confidential Medical History Form before booking an appointment. If you have visited our practice in the past but for whatever reason have not attended regularly please call the practice to book an examination appointment as soon as possible

For an initial consultation with a new patient, we generally allow up to 60 minutes. The fee for this visit is £145.00 and includes all X-Rays. We take x-rays and perform additional tests to ensure we have every vital piece of information prior to diagnosis or treatment. We will discuss with you a plan based on your dental needs and requirements, including any preventative measures.

Once you have booked your first appointment/consultation and been seen by our dentist you will then be registered with the practice and be under our duty of care. If in doubt, please feel free to pop in and see the practice where one of our friendly team members will greet you and show you around, and introduce you to the dentist if you wish. If you have any questions just ask.

Consultations for children of existing patients are seen free of charge for routine examinations and varnish up to the age of 16 years. However, if a child needs treatment this is chargeable, as are X-rays. The dentist would usually take 2 side x-rays.

Nervous of going to the dentist?

We understand and appreciate that coming to the dentist can sometimes be stressful. We try to make your experience whilst in our care as painless, stress free and comfortable as possible.

Let us know how you feel and what your particular dislikes are so that we can keep mindful of this and avoid, where possible, certain processes and procedures with your future care.

2 Year Registration Rule

We would kindly like to remind our patients that if you do not visit the dentist for 2 years or more you will need an EXTENDED PATIENT CONSULTATION which costs £145 and includes a 60 minute examination, similar to a new patient consultation. Our rationale for this is that after 2-3 years, it takes much longer to perform a thorough examination as a lot can change in the mouth during this time. The exam includes diagnostic x-rays, 12-16 points oro-dental examination and to discuss any issues which usually arise after such a long period of time.

We have our patients’ best interests at heart and encourage you to attend check-up and hygiene appointments regularly, as prevention is always better than cure. Your mouth is a dynamic environment and your oral health, which not only covers teeth and gums but soft tissues (screening for oral cancer) and hard tissues (jaw joints etc), can change quickly.